Some Friday Fun: Writing Prompt

(Photo by Rachel McCain)

Friday Fun: Writing Prompt

Riding the Waves.

Finish this sentence: The beam of light pierced through the clouds as the boat ________________________.

Happy Writing!


Think Tank Thursday: Photo Writing Prompt


Thursday Writing Prompt: Into the Sunlight

Finish this sentence: At that exact moment, the sun’s brilliant rays made it difficult to _______________________.

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Food for Thought: Is the Increase in Homelessness in LoWest Visible?

county poster

Recently, a news report was published stating that homelessness in Westchester County, NY was on the rise.

But is the increase visible?

And if the increase is visible, does the information regarding homelessness in the county seem as if it is being concealed or hidden in any way?

To refresh some memories (or to inform those who weren’t in “the know”) Westchester was one of the top places in New York State that faced a severe homeless crisis during the 1980s.

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Writing Prompt: Some Saturday Sunshine (or Sunset)

(Photo by Rachel McCain)

Saturday Writing Prompt: Photo Inspiration.
Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words (cliche, but true). Then again, a photo may only conjure up a few sentences.
Examine the photo above. Think of a possible storyline to coincide with it? Who are the characters? What is the plot? How does the story begin?

Or maybe a poem comes to mind?

Whatever your inspiration/genre of choice, let creativity be your guide.

Happy writing!

Poll of the Week: Is Peaceful Resistance Needed in Westchester County?

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The revolution, in Westchester County, will NOT be televised.

…Or will it?

In light of yesterday’s post regarding peaceful resistance,┬ádo you feel that Westchester residents have been slacking when it comes to fighting for rights? (Peaceful) protests? Share your thoughts!